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Occupy Wall Street: List of Cities

Occupy Wall StreetIn addition to Occupy Wall St, popular uprisings have emerged around the country and the globe.

It has been reported that over 118 occupations have been organized and over 1300 communities are in the process of organizing protests.

Some of the major occupations:




Los Angeles;

San Diego;

San Jose; has a detailed map of protests in the US and a list of all occupation Facebook pages

More protests can be found on this occupation thread has a great resource for finding groups in over 1500 cities

There is also a LiveStream of occupations around the globe

A map of October 15 events around the world

Twitter feeds at dozens of occupations can be found on

For the more adventurous, you can also find a List of Wall Street Executives Home Addresses – just make sure that the person you protest actually had something to do with the economic crash and the bailout.

Join a protest, tell us who you are, and tell us your demands!


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