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Why Occupy Wall Street Wants Universal Healthcare & Education

Occupy Wall Street Healthcare Sign

Universal Healthcare and Universal Higher Education are two of the European economic system’s highest achievements.

However, they are constantly bashed by pundits with little to no facts about those systems.  Pundits tell us that the healthcare and educational systems in Europe are not as good as what we have in America, but the statistic prove them wrong.

For those of you who think we have the best Healthcare in the world:

America is ranked 37th in the world according to the World Health Organization, yet we spend almost double what other countries spend.  France was ranked #1.

However, we spend more than double what France spends on Heathcare.

Healthcare Costs

I personally received treatment in an emergency room in a mountain village in Europe and the total cost to me was $4.  They performed the exact same procedure that they would have in the US, with the exact same tools and medicine.  I can personally vouch that their system is vastly more convenient and helpful than ours.  Had I been to an emergency room in America, I would still probably be paying the bill in addition to higher insurance premiums.

Education is the same story.  The United States was recently downgraded to only “Average” in its education ranking:

US Educational Rankings

At least we beat Mexico and Bulgaria!

USA Education government spending

Those against universal healthcare and education believe that somehow, providing the most basic needs of our citizens will prevent people from working hard, and that higher taxes will make the American dream, the ability to improve your social and financial situation and to live better than your parents lived, more difficult to attain.  The truth, however, is very different.

For people who say Universal Healthcare and Education can’t work, we ask: then why does it work in Europe? Why are Europeans more upwardly mobile than Americans?

Europe has a better educational system, in many cases far better healthcare standards, and the population of Europe is more upwardly mobile than America’s middle class.  That means you are more likely to achieve the American dream in Europe, than in America.

“Results show that Britain and the United States have the lowest levels of cross-generation mobility [in the test], lying well below Canada and the Nordic countries.”

Excerpt from Jo Blanden; Paul Gregg and Stephen Machin (April 2005). “Intergenerational Mobility in Europe and North America” (PDF). The Sutton Trust.

View this New York Times chart for more comparisons:

 THE UGLY TRUTH: Americans are NOT as upwardly mobile as Europeans!!!

Could it be because Americans are crushed beneath tons of college debt and insanely high healthcare and insurance costs?US college tuition increase

US student loan chart

Rising Healthcare Costs

Wouldn’t you rather pay slightly higher taxes and never have to worry about how you are going to pay for your children’s healthcare or education again?

Or would you rather continue to pay increasingly high health insurance costs and ever-increasing college loan costs, while our free market system crumbles under the weight of the debt?

It is our argument that America’s current Healthcare and Educational systems are PREVENTING Americans from improving their economic lives, because of the crushing costs of healthcare insurance and student loans on average Americans.

A single payer system is the only way to lower healthcare costs.  Health Insurance companies profit from your illness and death. The only “death panels” are the people in the insurance companies who deny you coverage.  The government cannot deny you medical coverage in a single payer system.

It is clear that the burden of the Healthcare system and the Educational System must be borne by all.  It is currently only carried by a few, mostly by the middle class, and they can’t continue to carry it.  Everyone, rich and poor, must pay into the system.  Everyone, rich and poor, should also be able to enjoy its benefits.


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