A list of the “BEST IDEAS SO FAR”…



1. Subsidize the creation of new jobs, not just companies: give companies a subsidy for each newly hired employee

Example: government pays up to 50% of salaries for newly hired employees, up to $15,000 per year.  (If your new salary is $20,000 per year, the government pays your company $10,000, if it is $30,000 per year, the government pays $15,000, if it is $100,000 per year, the government pays $15,000)

This pumps money directly into the workforce, and every cent goes to new workers. That money will then be immediately spent in the form of consumer spending, and much of it will return to the government through taxes.

2. Reward companies for keeping employees until retirement.

3. Discourage layoffs with increased taxes on companies that layoff workers while increasing executive compensation.


1. Increase taxes on the rich according to a graduated tax system at the same levels as it was under Clinton.

2. Increase taxes on investments of the rich according to a graduated tax system which does not affect small investors or retirees (investments of less than $1 million).

3. Limit the growth of executive compensation by increasing taxes on corporate executives when their compensation exceeds a certain % of the average salary at their company.  Executives should not be making 100 times the salary of regular employees.  The more executives pay their employees, the more they can pay themselves.

4. Repeal of the carried-interest tax break (allows Wall street gamblers to pay only 15% rather than 30% on their earnings)

5. Tax all trades of stocks, bonds, and derivatives (proposed 0.1% tax on stock and bond trades, and 0.01% tax on derivative trades)


1. No more corporate donations will be allowed in political campaigns.  Campaigns will be publicly financed through voluntary donations from tax payers, and funds set aside by the government.  All political candidates will be given the same amount of money.

2. Companies that received bailout money cannot fund political campaigns.


1. Reinstate a form of the Glass-Steagall Act to separate commercial and investment banks, to discourage rampant speculation, and to prevent banks from being too big to fail.

2. Banker bonuses need to be paid out over time to encourage long term growth and to discourage short term speculation.


1. Basic healthcare checkups, advice, and procedures should be free to all. Wealthy people can still pay to be first in line with the best doctors.


1. Higher education should be fully subsidized by the government. Your grades will determine your eligibility for larger subsidies to better schools. Wealthy students can still pay to go wherever they want.


1. Get our military out of Iraq and Afghanistan.  Spend that $2 billion per week on rebuilding America.

2. Don’t train an army that can fight against us; train teachers and build schools.  Educate the people so they can build lives for themselves, not armies.

3. Stop invading other countries and fighting wars that we can’t afford!

(from Demands Part I and Demands Part II)


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